About Us

‘To share a moment you may reflect on in the days ahead and find joy …Namaste’.

This is the mission statement above the door of ‘Tea, Earth & Sky’.

Tea, Earth & Sky is located in the beautiful heritage village of St. Jacobs, ON… just minutes from the very popular Farmer’s Market District.

We are primarily a ‘Tea’ concept representing ‘organic’ Tea Farmers from all over the world. In addition to over 50 different organic loose leaf teas we offer very traditional tea wares, Canadian manufactured organic pure essence of oils. Handmade incense sticks/ cones from Canada, Tibet, India & Indonesia. Handmade incense burners, including ‘hand-carved’ soap stone incense/ oil burners.

We are also very proud to support 14 local artisans. As you stroll through the store you will see & ‘connect’ with ‘hand-poured’ soaps/ sustainable soy & beeswax candles in addition to wonderful body products… all infused with ‘organic’ pure essential oils.

Other treasures you will find are ‘hand-made’ Bread Boards made from exotic hardwood from all over the world… hand-made Coasters and Serving Trays made from a hardwood birch, very unique & special Meditation cushions, Yoga mat-bags, Yoga eye-pillows and hand-made mosaic glass tiffany lamps from Turkey.

You will also see a wonderful assortment of ‘hand-carved’ indoor/ garden Buddha statues – Hand-carved in Indonesian from hardwood of Suar or Rosewood. Also from Indonesia, we have many inspirational wall banners… Yes, all handmade !

We are very excited to soon introduce ‘bright & colorful’ tea cozies, also hand-made & fair-trade from Nepal.

We are blessed to be recently celebrating our first year in the village of St Jacobs. We have enjoyed wonderful moments meeting people from all over the province of Ontario in addition to so many individuals and families from the world over… Moments we will forever cherish…

Thank-you to ‘all’ for your on-going support !

We look forward to sharing-time with you …. until then,
Be well !