Divine Essence/ Certified Organic – Pure Essential Oils

At Divine Essence®, we are passionate about aromatherapy and science. We are a proud Canadian producer and importer offering the largest selection of premium quality, certified organic essential oils, floral waters and cosmetic products. Our secret: We have developed long-term partnerships and fair trade practices with family-owned artisan distilleries from all over the world. These producers are devoted to honouring ancestral knowledge. Combined with organic certification, we ensure superior plant and oil quality and source sustainability.

All our essential oils are chemotyped using GC-MS gas-phase chromatography analysis. This guarantees genuine, 100% pure & natural, undiluted and unadulterated essential oils. These are field expert recognized for their true therapeutic effectiveness, which includes calming nervousness, relieving flu or respiratory symptoms, easing digestive complaints, relieving joint or muscular pain or simply for benefits from their cosmetic proprieties, among others.We are committed to achieving the absolute highest level of quality and integrity in essential oils, at very fair prices. Compare us today. With Divine Essence®, experience Nature’s essential healing power.