Dream Catcher – 1.5″

The Dream Catcher Legend, one of the most enchanting tales in North American Indigenous mythology, speaks of the profound mysteries of the night. According to this ancient lore, both good and bad dreams fill the night air. The dream catcher, with its loop woven in a web-like pattern, permits good dreams to pass gently through to the sleeper, while ensnaring bad dreams in its intricate web, where they wither away with the first light of dawn.

Monague Native Crafts, a 100% Native-owned Canadian company, has been meticulously handcrafting these mystical creations for over 30 years. Each piece is a unique manifestation of the Monague family’s rich history and journeys, steeped in the wisdom of their ancestors. Proud members of the Beausoleil First Nations of Ontario (Ojibway), the Monague family imbues each creation with the spirit of their heritage.

Handcrafted with reverence by Monague Native Crafts in Mission, BC.