Jabou™ Mystic #04 Harmony Incense

What is Mystic Incense?
Incense of highest quality made in Canada, with a base of pure essential oils, carefully blended into a natural incense stick. When burned, these incenses emit a relaxing and fragrant scent to improve and enhance one’s surroundings, creating an environment of purity and freshness. These incenses leave a pleasant aroma for a long period of time.

These mystic incenses promote peace, harmony, clairvoyance, concentration, relaxation and can activate psychic abilities, mental strength and concentration. This incense helps purify one’s mind and enhances protection. You will be charmed by the sacredness of the atmosphere created by this incense.


Product Description: One high quality Mystic Incense “Harmony” package with 20 sticks.
Product Dimensions: 25 cm Length x 3 cm Width x 1 cm Height.
Product Weight: 45 grams.