Monague Incense – Ojibway Sun

Embark on a journey into the realm of sensory delights with our handcrafted, all-natural incense sticks, steeped in ancient mystique. Designed to evoke enduring fragrances, these ethereal creations envelop your space, weaving a tapestry of serenity in your home or sacred sanctuary. Surrender to the tranquil allure of their aromatic embrace as you retreat from the chaos of the world.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of Sweet Orange, Vanilla, and Lemon incense, a symphony of citrus and warmth designed to uplift the spirit and evoke feelings of joy and comfort. Sweet Orange, with its bright and zesty aroma, infuses the air with positivity and vitality, bringing a sense of cheerfulness and optimism. Vanilla, with its rich and comforting scent, wraps you in a warm embrace, soothing the soul and invoking feelings of coziness and relaxation. Lemon, with its invigorating citrus fragrance, refreshes the senses and clears the mind, offering clarity and rejuvenation. Together, these delightful essences intertwine to create a blissful sanctuary, where worries dissolve, and happiness flourishes, filling your space with light and positivity.

Crafted with care and knowledge by Monague Native Crafts in Mission, BC.