Shaman’s Dawn Candle – Love

Rose, Lavender & Nutmeg Intention Candle

Awaken love, compassion, and sensuality with our non-GMO soy wax candle. Infused with essential oils of rose, lavender, and nutmeg for a rich floral scent.

Use for:

Opens your heart and stimulates love, kindness, and romance.
Creates a sensual atmosphere.

Ingredients: Rose, Lavender, Nutmeg essential oils.
Handcrafted: Made with non-GMO soy wax, shamanically charged with prayer and intention for energetic balance and healing.

Size: 5 inches tall, 2.25 inches diameter, 8oz volume.
Materials: Non-GMO soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks.
Burn Time: Approximately 50 hours.